• CLIENT is the person or group of people availing services of INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY.
  • INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY is only a facilitator for the client to plan the tour and make local bookings with Third Parties. And is a local point of contact for the Third party(s) on  CLIENT’s behalf.
  • The THIRD PARTY is/are the various service providers other than INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY involved directly and indirectly in the tour/visit of the client to India.


INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY will not be responsible for:

  • Cancellation of tour plan from client’s end.
  • Cancellation/delay/closure of services/products provided by Third Party(s). Even if they are proposed and booked via INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY for the client.
  • Malfunctioning or breakdown of any equipment and machine of Third Party or provided for good faith by INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY. Any compensation (if applicable) for the same will be as per the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party(s).
  • The client did any damages to the property of the Third party during his/her stay or identified after they leave the country.
  • The client has to settle all the dues with every service provider directly or indirectly associated with the tour.
  • Any acts conducted by the client against the Law of Land (India).
  • Client’s indulgence in any unnatural, and socially unacceptable activity and/or relations.
  • Any act of terrorism and or causing harm to public/personal property or religious beliefs of the people of India.
  • Any acts of God or natural calamities.
  1. INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY can abort services with or without giving any immediate communication or intimation or notice to the client.
  2. INDIA TRAVEL  BUDDY is only a facilitator in making tour arrangements for the client and is a companion on the tour with the client.
  4. Any/All issues arising between CLIENT and INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY related to service offerings of India Travel Buddy, its Website, Mobile app, and others are advised to amicably settled between INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY and the CLIENT. Any unresolved issues requiring the involvement of law enforcement agencies are subject to the jurisdiction of LAW of LAND (INDIA) court of THANE/MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA.
  5. Any issues arising between CLIENT and THIRD PARTY(s) are to be managed as per the service terms and conditions of THIRD PARTY and CLIENT.
  6. INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY does not take responsibility for products and services offered by advertisers and clients of advertisers.
  7. Products and services available for sale/subscription on INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY website/mobile app or any other communication medium are subject to usage terms and conditions of the service or product provider and INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY will not be responsible for any issues or loss arise due to any reason.
  8. INDIA TRAVEL BUDDY holds the rights to change the service benefits, costs and specifications and Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
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