Do you know that the cost of medical treatment in India is far lesser than that of America and Europe? Do you know a treatment which cost 100K USD will cost only 10K USD in India and that too in the best hospital having world-class facilities and doctors? Do you know, in this article, I am going to share how can you further save on the treatment expenses?  If yes, then continue reading. If no, then this article is just for you.

Besides having such low healthcare services cost in comparison to developed nations, more than 80% of Indian population is unable to bear the cost of medical treatment. There is a vast gap in the quality of treatment and medical facilities offered by state-owned healthcare setup and privately owned. The similar difference you would be able to observe in the healthcare facilities in rural India and Metro India. If you want to know more about the difference between rural India and Metro cities of India read my article on selecting a mobile network when visiting India. 

The difference is due to doctor vs. patient ratio where we have only 1 doctor for every 1000 Indians. Low earning and therefore paying capacity of more than 70% of the population living in villages. Due to this, the high-class healthcare facilities got concentrated in towns, cities, and Metro cities.

Medical tourism in India

The Indian government is providing immense support to healthcare service provider in enhancing Medical Tourism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a keen interest in the segment and significant improvements are done in the last few years in this segment by relaxing Indian Visa formalities, setting up health centers and a dedicated website having every information needed for your travel.

I have worked in healthcare domain for more than 17years. I from the bottom of my heart, I thank the Indian government for showing particular interest in this segment. I am not aware of other international bilateral agreements or initiatives were taken or any tax rebates given by the Indian Government to healthcare services providers to facilitate the growth of the sector. I have also heard that the Indian government is in the process of improvising its immense infrastructure of primary care clinics, secondary and tertiary care facilities through PPP model. Services like telemedicine and others have already been tested and implemented in many states and are doing wonders for people of the Republic of India.

The International Quality at Indian price

Indian healthcare scenario changed after corporate groups started taking interest in Indian healthcare system, earlier it was an effort of a doctor or a collaboration of a few putting in their hard earned money or starting a charitable trust for public benefits and living on the mercy of donors. Later with the availability of loans, and particular interest of international and national healthcare professional organizations in this area we saw a spurt of world-class facilities coming up in Metro cities of India around two decades back.

Today India has almost every facility which is available in first world countries, except those which they have kept confined. Moreover, our Indian institutes like IIT and others have contributed a lot to the indigenous development of technology which is many times superior in quality and economical. Some of the examples are prosthetic implants, Heart valves, Biodegradable stents, and others.

Today, hospitals like Narayana Hrudalays are working on achieving new dimensions in operational excellence by adopting the assembly line concept in conducting surgeries thereby reducing the cost of treatment for more than 200 folds.   On the other hand, Medanta is researching Indian conventional medication regimens like Ayurveda and Yoga in the management of ailments like Cancers. AIIMS the premier state-owned institute has proved the role of chanting Gayatri Mantra for better therapy outcomes.

Therefore, when you chose India as your medical treatment destination, you have selected the most elaborated medicine system which is fortified with the cultural values and work ethics and above all the respect and love for life.

Playing smart to save money

Medical tourism is also similar to any other business. Medical tourism companies in India offers a ready to explore the network of associated hospitals and provide you with a Quote. There is no harm in accepting the fact that any and every stakeholder involved in the process is there to make a profit, otherwise, it’s impossible to offer quality services. Having said that, we also know that every patient choosing India as a Medical destination is from developed a nation like USA, EU, AUS, and JAPAN or having Insurance coverage.  There are more than 200 underdeveloped countries and many of them do not have medical services/experts at par with India one of the examples is Pakistan.

As you are aware, that a tour planned as per your requirement is more satisfying and economical than the one taken as a standard package. Similarly, a medical tour planned as per your treatment requirement may come out to be far economical than the cost proposed by the Medical tourism companies in India or in your country.

In simple words, your treatment cost is made of :

Actual Treatment Cost + Your Travel and Stay + Profit of the Indian Tourism Agency + Profit of your local tourism agent + Commission of referring doctors (may not be applicable for you) = Total cost of treatment.

Therefore, if we can same on some of the factors and eliminate few others, there is going to be a reduction in overall cost. This may vary based on your country of origin, your insurance coverage and the treatment you are coming for.

Let’s understand this a little more.

Actual Treatment Cost: This is the cost you will be paying to the treating hospital. Generally, they are the multispeciality hospitals located in Metro cities having high operational cost and their primary source of business are IN PATIENTS (admissions). Cost towards the sales, marketing, and business operations is added which is higher in comparison to the Tier 1 city. 

I hope you for the hint, so if instead of you going through a Medical tourism in India agent or a service provider suggested by your treating doctor. If you do a little smart search and connect directly with hospitals in Metro on in Tier 1 cities you may be able to bypass the middlemen and on the other side would be able to reduce the cost of the hospitalization.

How it impacts the overall cost:

Cost of living and stay in a Tier 1 city instead of a Metro is far less. You can find budget accommodation near the treatment facility which reduces expenses on everyday commuting, stress and improves patient care. And you are saved paying hefty commision of real estate agents in a Metro city, Commision of Indian Agency and Your country agency and charges of any other stakeholder involved.

If you feel that managing everything of your own would be a difficult task, you can insist your Medical Tour provider to suggest you alternatives in Tier 1 cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Vizag, Kochi, and others. If you are an NRI you are aware of the places better and must be having relatives and friends to assist you in selection.

As I mentioned earlier, I have worked in healthcare domain for more than 17 years and have been associated with best therapy specialists (doctors). With the experienced gained, I have been able to identify the opportunities to curtail the cost of the treatment for the patients in need and have helped few in need.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you require to go for a Heart Valve replacement. To have you ready for the procedure, the doctor needs to stabilize you and conduct a few tests. The cost of pre-procedure hospitalization and conducting these tests in a multispeciality big hospital is way higher than the cost in the smaller healthcare facility of a Tier 1 city (e.g. Pune). Hence, if your pre-hospitalization expenses are reduced significantly. To conduct the procedure, a doctor may opt to use the OT facility and additional medical resources of the multispeciality hospital based on your treatment requirements. And after you are fit to move out the doctor bring you back to the smaller facility for the recovery period. Thereby reducing the cost of post-procedure hospitalization as well.

All this may seem a lengthy process, with lots of ifs and buts. However, it’s been said “No Pain, No Gain”.

The above mentioned, the scenario is hypothetical and may not be applicable or workable in your treatment, therefore its advised to wisely explore the options available before deciding. I  understand, any health issue in the family is a matter of emotional stress and trauma and when you have been informed that it required to fly to another country for the treatment its loaded with financial stress as well.

India Travel Buddy can help you connect directly with right healthcare service provider based on your treatment requirement and budget. Helps you get a second opinion and alternate quotes. Your India Travel Buddy does not have any commission arrangements with any of the healthcare service providers. Only the service charges of India Travel Buddy towards finding and discussing the matter with the doctor, arranging your travel and stay or any other incidental expenses.

If needed your India Travel Buddy will receive you at the Airport and be your companion until the place of treatment and your journey back. As you understand, India Travel Buddy’s objective is to have your India Journey safe and memorable, I try my level best not increase your treatment cost for tasks not very important unless unavoidable.

Wishing you a pleased stay in India. For any information related to Visa or other please check the link here. You can also write to me at



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